Aircraft Appraisals

An aircraft appraisal is an unbiased opinion of the value of your aircraft and its current condition. An aircraft appraisal helps you answer the question, "How much is my aircraft worth?" This is essential information in order to sell, insure or properly account for your aircraft. Professional Aircraft Solutions specialize in the following types of appraisals and services, Market Value Appraisals, Future Value and Retrospective Appraisals, Damaged Aircraft Analysis and Diminution in Value Reports, Expert Witness Services, and Aircraft Operations Consulting Services. 

Why do I need an Appraisal? 

  • To obtain a professional opinion of the present Market Value of an aircraft. 
  • To assist a prospective purchaser in obtaining financing or insurance. 
  • To assist a financial institution in substantiating the nature and value of the aircraft as it relates to collateral. 
  • To assist a financial institution by supporting the loan portfolio for examination by the loan committee and/or bank examiner. 
  • To obtain a professional opinion of the value on an aircraft to be renovated or modified. 
  • To obtain a professional opinion of the value of an aircraft as a safeguard against excessive tax assessments, capital gains and other taxes. 
  • To verify damage claims resulting from accidents, hangar rash, hail, and other disasters. 
  • To establish the Diminution of Value associated with a damage event. 
  • To provide the basis for decision-making in the commitment of funds for aircraft acquisition. 
  • To provide persuasive, independent evidence of the condition of an aircraft. 
  • To distinguish a seller’s aircraft from others that may be listed for sale.